The Startup plan ---Our brains were diverged in different platforms but we had no clue to choose a path though we were standing in a 40 feet road! And staring at a gigantic building (dreaming-wish it could be ours someday) our foresights were huge without any chaos,

19thJuly 2010, a question sparked, should we start a company?

Is it difficult? Yes, of course it is.

Our dilemmas still continued with different path to sort the odd one out, clearly it took more than six months to finalize the decision and start what we planned for. We began to focus on our way to fetch the requirements so that our destination would be a cakewalk. Though we assumed everything was accomplished, one region was totally lacking! Can you assume WHAT? Company name this topic seemed to be critical, at last that too was cracked in overnight discussion. We named it Technonix Infosystem here begins our story!


9th May 2011, Technonix Infosystem incorporated as a partnership firm. Our first experiment was System Integration. We served a couple of domestic clients and acquired huge reputation by partnering with IT giants like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Symantec and more.We’ve formed some values to maintain some leading changes in the IT industry with respect for an individual, excellence in learning and sharing.

Fulfilling specific needs of functioning enterprises was our only requirement of year 2011 and so on. In today’s challenging business environment, which prioritizes elasticity, rapidity, and competence, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you to achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration and management solutions.Our goal is fulfilling customer’s business objectives by offering innovative, best-in-class consulting for IT solutions and services. We extended our path with a new mission to enter development and outsourcing simultaneously. Our analysis and market research made us to consider out of the box. Consequently, we stepped into a new challenge.


In the era of Technonix Infosystem, 2012 was the most fascinating and enthusiastic year. Our software development method is inherited to each and every developer, such an employee strength prepared us to extended our premises from 210 sq.ft to 3430 sq.ft, these achievements created a milestone and made us to develop each and every product as a hand made antique.

Sustainability was our key ingredient to succeed in the period of drought. Technonix is committed to help forward-thinking organizations and maintain their positions to sustain as a vital lever for long-term success and ultimately,high performance. We support organizations, leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth by our products. Our products will classify the categories with strategy design, operational excellence, intelligent infrastructure as well as services. Meanwhile Technonix handled a market research team on outsourcing, we’ve been very vibrant while raising each and every step by scheming the service patterns and support modules. This rigorous research unwrapped our box to a global network.


Technonix has immense experience in providingOutsourcing for our global clients;in 2013 we worked with many client in different platform to help them at every stage of transformation process from consulting to implementation.

Being a cost efficient and performance-based firm! We became a Leader in providing end-to-endoffshoreservices, provides high quality; value added voice and transaction-basedservices. We are experts in providing strategy, solutions and services to solve complex business issues and achieve results by coupling in-depth industry knowledge. Quality assurance, management information systems, business analysis and six-sigma black belt team drive our process performance. We work resource and knowledge process to identify the odds in each parameter. Technonix created a pseudo formula to fix the temporary errors, working with passion helps us to extract the mean element from all segments and provide a unique result to each and every client within the required turn around time.


Every diligence has its own unique rations and challenges. Technonix Infosystem, with its teams of industry and domain experts, is committed to working in an affiliation with business to address their unique challenges making them viable players in the field of technologies.

As an inclusive business, Technonix is keen to ensure that its Customer Relationship & Sustainability impact has global reach and relevance. In order to do, we need to ensure top management commitment, local delivery and participation. Since 2011, the Group has dignified its Customer Relationship & Sustainability strategy under the responsibility of the superior executive, coordinated by the Directors.

Technonix offers the full continuum of services from Consulting to Technology and Outsourcing Services in India including Business and Technology Consulting, ERP, Custom Software Development, System Integration (SI), Application Management, Infrastructure Management and Business process outsourcing (BPO).

Technonix business intention is founded on a set of stanch ideals including integrity, valor, conviction, liberty, harmony, humility and pleasurable. These ethics steer us in imbibing our traditions and are the product of our history. They as well replicate the way we do our business structure in a unique way that put our customers in a headship spot.


We have come a long way following its inception in 2011; Technonix has built and burnished its reputation as a luminous developer to propagate in enterprise software. Our web development benchmarks urbanized by forming a creative team, we are in evolution of providing a WEB-Studio to upkeep the requirements of customer. However, we are the vital player in on-premises Ecommerce by embracing more cutting-edge technologies including mobility, analytics and cloud to meet changing customer demands as well as expectation.

Ecommerce a future success more than enterprise, which created to allow customers to run analytical and transactional processing in database – all at hyper fast speeds. It guides you to take an in-depth look at WHY we are unique, HOW we developed, WHAT we provide, WHOM we target and WHERE we support.