Everything should be created,developed & refined througheffective research...that’s where we come in

Good research meets your objectives and delivers clear, unambiguous results that lead to an effective course of action.

Over 90% of all innovations that are successful start in the wrong direction and are not the outcome of good market research. Many new and successful products arise by accident and not as a result of hours and hours of focused R&D or significant financial investmentNot all new products arise by accident, however, and market research can play a role in determining the need for most new products.

Nevertheless, research can explore the underlying needs of the market and make a judgement as to how well a new product meets these needs. Hence it is the researcher, and not necessarily the potential buyer or user, who makes the connection between the unmet needs and the new product development opportunities.

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Understand, predict & improve the future

Understanding the present, predicting the future, and improving the future

We are a full service market and social research agency, which basically means: whatever your research need, it’s very likely we can do it (and if we can’t, we’ll tell you who can). Have a look at our services below and drop us a line if you would like to know more.



Survey Scripting

Data Management

Reporting and Data Visualization

We help you to turn your ideas into concepts

Survey Scripting

At Technonix Infosystem our programming team is second to none. We are programming tool agnostic and have specialist programmers in the entire top programming languages. We leverage our experience to fit your unique programming needs, whether its a budget friendly or a specific language solution.

In addition, team has experience in various fields. They are qualified in using Java Script, ASP, and programming surveys in Flash or HTML5, and are adept at managing survey design to ensure the respondent is engaged.

  • Save-and-return functionality
  • Table of Contents organization of multiple survey sections or parts
  • Highly customized error messaging
  • Versioning (easy reuse of survey questions across business units but customized formatting per business unit)
  • Rolling back of incomplete surveys
  • Transfer of data into our Real Time Reporting Optimizer
  • Advanced quota settings
  • Ensuring specific data layouts at the back end data sets are utilized if appropriate



Technonix has more than a decade of experience in managing market research data and survey analytics,specifically within:

Data Validation and Preparation

Our teams of analysts have extensive experience in data preparation and getting it ready for meaningful analysis. They complete a thorough checking and cleaning to ensure that clean data is used for further analysis.

Data Merging and Conversion

Our teams can manage merging/conversion across various data file formats including ASCII, SPSS, tabs in Excel/Word, Winyaps, RTF, Quanvert database, CSV data file, XML file, HTML file, MTD, MDD, etc.


We apply agreed upon weight to the data and use our expertise across different methodologies for the application, including target weighting, factor weighting, RIM weighting etc.

Coding of Open-ended Responses

We have broad experience in coding open-ended responses in Excel, Ascribe™ and Cross-Tab’s proprietary coding tool, Coding Optimizer. Our team performs coding, netting and develops strategic maps from open end responses, and their experience spans across various verticals such as consumer packaged goods, financial services, technology and healthcare.

Data Tabulation

Our data processing and tabulation services use the best-of-breed software packages to process, clean, manage and tabulate data. We have familiarity in processing data collected from various methodologies – web surveys, telephonic and face-to-face interviews.


We provide translation services for all Asian and European languages under the supervision of localization specialists.



Technonix is very proficient at converting market research data into highly effective and insightful reports and presentations. In addition to text, PDF, and PowerPoint, our Reports and Presentation team can provide a wide range of standard market research output formats.

Our team also works as an independent global Center of Excellence helping standardize work across the client organizations, disseminate knowledge among client teams, and act as a support group entrusted with introducing new trends and tools in survey reporting. We have developed custom reporting software for select clients that churn large volume of outputs using advanced Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Basic skills.

A lot of experience in working with survey data means our team is able to cultivate knowledge and serve as a consultative partner to you. We help many clients create, or refine, their charting standards and libraries to improve quality and significantly reduce turnaround time. We not only make interesting and effective presentations, but can also assist you with writing slide commentary based on the research findings.



Technonix Visualization Studio helps clients take the big leap from delivering reports to socialization of research output. The V-Studio brings together expertise of visual design, knowledge of market research and ability to understand business requirements of the users. V-Studio team's motto is "Audience First."

This means while it is important to make sure that key insights from the data are being conveyed effectively in the visual design, it is also important to understand what a particular user seeks from the information being presented.

The team has a structured approach to understanding the creative requirements, documenting user requirements, ideate and developing the blueprint for new visual templates. They have access to multiple tools and technology infrastructure, so they can tell a powerful story through audio, video and visuals.



Technonix project management team is seeded with first-rate, qualified professionals, rich in experience and made up of diverse backgrounds – whether online panels, scripting or quantitative researchers. We access the international talent pool to meet the increasing demand of globalization. Every project manager has a sharp analytical mind with the expertise to creatively apply operational expertise to solve problems, and help you effectively develop and communicate actionable recommendations for your clients.

Technonix regularly work with Research Managers who use our project management services as their extension team members for primary research projects. These researchers are able to focus on client consulting and insight generation, while our project managers manage the end-to-end operations. We are seen as the partner of choice for researchers managing complex primary research projects including multi-country continuous tracking, hard-to-reach audiences and multi-methodology projects (mix of online and offline where one methodology alone cannot fulfill project requirements).

Technonix Project Management System

Client research team
  • Client Relationship
  • Proposal process
  • Pre – Launch Interaction
  • Field Monitoring
  • Data Delivery
Panel vendor operations
  • Bid Sourcing
  • Project Scheduling/Briefing
  • Pre – Launch Preparation
  • Quality Control
  • Job close / Archiving

Our goal is to give you the service quality and range you would expect from your own in-house team. From time management, to quality assurance, to vendor coordination, we can create a more smooth and efficient project workflow. To enhance our services, we have even created smaller teams with special focus areas such as tracking and healthcare.


Technonix business analysts and library scientists are expertly trained in finding the most relevant information from the ever-increasing ocean of available public and private data. Our team is adept at gaining value from secondary research sources, and presenting it in the most useful and impactful way possible.Some of our offerings include:

Market Landscape and Trends

In-depth assessment of a market opportunity, covering market size, audience, competition and trends.

Strategic Summaries

Short crisp presentations on market landscape or trends summarizing key happenings.

Competitive Profiles

Deep-dive analysis, quick profiling or tracking of competitors.

Existing Information Synthesis/Audits

Audit and classification of existing research from analysis of multiple internal sources (existing research or data) or external sources (syndicated reports, media).

Fact books/Research Resource Books

Data books capturing statistics on markets, customers and competition from accepted sources, presented in highly formatted Excel/PowerPoint.